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WOC 2016 selection races in June 2016




control flag from Gränsjakten 2015 (photo: Mette Kristensen) 
Control flag from Gränsjakten 2015 (photo: Mette Kristensen)
We will organise selection races for the national teams of Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and France in June 2016, in conjunction with the last official training camp.
Embargoed areas These maps indicate the areas that will be used for WOC selection races and for the last official WOC training camp in June 2016. They will be mapped during Autumn and Winter of 2015/2016. A smaller part in Näsinge is already mapped and was used for Gränsjakten in July 2015. For everyone planning to participate in the selection races, these areas are embargoed until June 2016.
Link to WOC 2016 home page WOC2016-logowww.woc2016.se
Created: 2015-07-10. Latest update: 2016-03-07